Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Inherent Sense of Fairness

Little Chef number 2 has an inherent sense of fairness, if his sister gets a treat, he must get one too, if her treat is bigger than his, that entitles him to take two of his. Imagine her eating a small chocolate bar, and him insisting on two Hershey's kisses - to be fair.

Today, while reading one of his storybooks, the character and his family cleaned up the house and packed a box full of toys.

Me:  What would you do with a box of your old toys?

Alex: Sell them!

Me: What else could you do with them?

Alex: Throw them in the trash (tempting)

Me: What if you knew someone that didn't have toys? what could you do then?

Alex: Sell them to them.

Me: Why? 

Alex: We paid money for the toys, they should pay money too. That's fair.

Me: What if they didn't have any money?

Lots of thinking....

Alex: We could give them a toy. We could sell a toy to children who have money, and give a toy to those that don't.

Seems fair play to me.

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