Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An Inherent Sense of Fairness

Little Chef number 2 has an inherent sense of fairness, if his sister gets a treat, he must get one too, if her treat is bigger than his, that entitles him to take two of his. Imagine her eating a small chocolate bar, and him insisting on two Hershey's kisses - to be fair.

Today, while reading one of his storybooks, the character and his family cleaned up the house and packed a box full of toys.

Me:  What would you do with a box of your old toys?

Alex: Sell them!

Me: What else could you do with them?

Alex: Throw them in the trash (tempting)

Me: What if you knew someone that didn't have toys? what could you do then?

Alex: Sell them to them.

Me: Why? 

Alex: We paid money for the toys, they should pay money too. That's fair.

Me: What if they didn't have any money?

Lots of thinking....

Alex: We could give them a toy. We could sell a toy to children who have money, and give a toy to those that don't.

Seems fair play to me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Musings

I should premise this blog - the little chef's share so much with me physically and emotionally (I just live for the hugs, kisses and I love you's) and the daily rants that makes me laugh. They come out with gems that blow me away in terms of the obvious, the honest, and the downright cheeky, so I thought I'd collect some of their musings for posterity, not for the wider community, but enjoy them if you're here, but more for me, us and for them, and for embarassing 21st birthday moments.

So having seen Ella do a fantastic job on narrating her school play today (a seriously amazing job!), I felt a little nostalgic...and her response is the reason I'm starting this parents passed away before the little chefs were born and she has a delicate factual way of asking questions about them. She understands grandparents - her paternal grandparents are very very close, and she is trying to get to grips with the idea of another set of grandparents that she has never met, and never will.

Me:   Well done today. I'm so proud of you, you've grown so much, I still remember the day you were born

Ella:   Were your mum and dad there the day I was born?

Me:   No, they passed away a few years before.

Ella:   I want you and me to stay alive forever. I think we should have a magic potion so that when we get older, we turn into babies again and start again.

Me:   Nice idea, but then we'd need to learn how to eat, and walk and talk again

Ella:   Hmmm....Ok, I'll make a potion that means we stay the age we are now. I'll stay 6 years old, and you can stay whatever age you are now.

I'm buying it!